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Welcome To John Smith International

John Smith International are part of the UK based John Smith and Son Group Ltd. With more than 250 years of academic bookselling experience, John Smith combine traditional values and innovation to provide a broad range of services to Higher Education.

Our friendly and expert staff combined with our commitment to providing high quality services has enabled us to create world class bookshops and student stores well placed to serve the academic community of the 21st century.

By working closely with governments, institutions and students we are able to enrich the learning experience, which in turn delivers better results both for students and for the institutions where they study.

Our bursary management model , ASPIRE, provides a unique funding framework to enhance student learning and ensure students have access to the best possible services and materials to support their learning needs.


for Students

We work with your lecturers to make sure that you have the right books and equipment, at the right time and at the right price.

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for Libraries

We offer an international library supply service with the benefit of local expertise, local knowledge and local stock

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for Universities

We deliver world class bookselling services and bursary management solutions so that you can deliver a world class education to your students.

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for Businesses

We can provide book and information services for practitioners, professionals and businesses.

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