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In all, John Smith’s run close to 40 stores and academic supply operations. The company’s commitment to academic and professional bookselling and library supply excellence has resulted in the award of “Academic and Professional Bookseller of the Year” 6 times since 2006.

Wherever John Smith International operate we provide value added services to Higher Education and are engaged with Governments and Ministries of Education to help universities get the best out of existing resources to improve student retention, progression, and learning and the overall quality of graduates

John Smith International: based in Gaborone Botswana where we opened our first bookshop in Africa in 2001, JS International is providing world class retail and academic book supply services throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Aspire: Through our Aspire bursary management system, we can distribute student funding and allowances via our smart card technology ensuring that students get the materials and services they need to maximise the benefits from their time spent in education.

John Smith Botswana: our focus is on campus based academic bookshops. Our first store, Books Botswana, was opened in 2001 and this flagship shop has attracted interest from many other Countries seeking a sustainable solution on how to get books and materials to students. In 2010 we opened a second store and also operate a number of part time operations at key academic institutions in Botswana.

John Smith International Library ServicesWe are investing heavily in the creation of online services to support our Library customers throughout the world, including searching, collection development, record downloads, progress reporting etc.

IT Services:
 John Smith’s continue to make significant investment in the development and provision of IT services through our own IT company – Aztec Retail Solutions.

Utilizing the latest hardware and software, Aztec Retail is recognised as one of the industry’s leading information and management systems. Our recently upgraded EPOS (electronic point of sale) solution brings a wider range of services and enhances our offering to market. All front desk and enquiry points have online access to our Head Office system, which allows for full bibliographic searching & ordering of any title currently in print & in stock (we currently have 15 million titles on our bibliographic database).



We deliver world class bookselling services and bursary management solutions so that you can deliver a world class education to your students.

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We work in partnership with leading e-content providers to provide a range of relevant and exciting digital content for libraries and students.

Digital Content


Digital textbooks are revolutionizing the way we learn. Kortext offers online and offline access to key textbooks from multiple publishers.



BABEL - Bibliographic Acquisition of Book and E-content for Libraries has been designed by John Smith’s to support todays Library and Information professional.

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