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Snaith Primary KS 1 & 2

Award winning site developed by a former teacher at Snaith Primary School, for anyone who wishes to have time for a glass of red wine and a good book.

Teacher Resources KS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Resource sharing site where teachers use credits to download quality-checked, interactive resources submitted by other teachers. Around 20% of the files are free to download and edit; the rest need you to buy credits or contribute.

Welsh Virtual Teacher Centre KS 1, 2, 3, 4

Huge collection of amateur and professionally produced resources from Welsh teachers. Hard to navigate, but there are gems when you get there.

Citizenship Teacher KS 3, 4, 5

Citizenship teaching materials from the same high quality source as Teachit. Developed in partnership with the Association for Citizenship Teaching.

What2Learn KS3, 4

Contains hundreds of interactive learning games and exam drills. Covering most subject areas, student attainment is automatically calculated and recorded on their online portfolio. It is free to create accounts for this system.


Maths Net KS2, 3, 4, 5

Interactive on line mathematical activities aimed at students, teachers and anyone else. Recent major developments are for AS/A2 and Geometry across the ability/age range.

Probabilistic Learning Activities KS3, 4, 5

Online activities - spreadsheets and applets that simulate challenging probability puzzles and also aim at developing an understanding of random behaviour. Cross-curricular links section.

Waldo's Maths Pages KS3, 4, 5

A number of interactive Java(tm) applets on Mathematical topics for teachers and pupils, mainly A/AS level. All the original work of a Maths teacher from Kent.

Maths Powerpoints KS1, 2

Worksheets and powerpoints to download and use on the whiteboard. Especially good range of free primary maths files.

English and Media

Teachit's English Library KS3, 4, 5

8000+ pages of photocopiable and online resources for teachers of English, Drama and Media Studies, plus competitions, discussions and links

Teachit Primary KS1, 2

A massive range of photocopiable and online resources for Primary literacy teachers plus competitions, discussions and links - brought to you by the creators of Teachit.

Teachit World KS N/A

A massive range of photocopiable and online resources for English as a Second Language / English as an Additional Language- brought to you by the creators of Teachit.

Language in Use KS5

This site contains materials to teach A and AS level English Language. It was produced with the help of the OCR Examinations Board but the materials are not confined to any one Board or approach.

English Biz GCSE KS4

An English and English Literature GCSE revision site that offers students a straightforward way of finding out how to improve their GCSE grades.

Film Education KS2, 3, 4

The Film Education website has been created for primary and secondary teachers and students using film across the UK National curriculum.

Communication, Culture and Media Studies KS5

Communication from Shannon-Weaver to chaos, cultural studies from Arnold to Baudrillard, media studies with the emphasis on the UK and Europe.

Communication & Culture KS5

Recent site specifically to AQA Communication and Culture A-level. Even includes a social network for sharing ideas specifically about this course.

Josie's Poems KS1, 2

Poetry site with articles on metred and rhyming poetry, and ideas to help ESL teachers and their students also. There are 500 poems for all key stages of the National Curriculum and covering all subjects also, so that a poem can be a centrepiece for topics you are teaching.

Lit Notes KS5

A website maintained by Val Pope, offering free resources for A/S A2 English literature, English Language/Literature and Media Studies.

Business studies

Dinesh Bakshi KS4, 5

Covers business studies, economics and accounting, with hundreds of crosswords and interactive quizzes, topic wise revision notes, MindMaps, worksheets, case studies for thorough revision.

Design and Technology

Design Technology Department

Free handouts, schemes of work, online lessons, policy documents, examples of pupils work and a section on inventors and inventions.

Design and Technology Info

500+ original DT related articles ranging from packaging to Rolls Royce.

Food Forum

A professional development web site providing free guidance, advice and materials to support the teaching of food, consumer and citizenship education. Maintained by Ali Farrell, an ex teacher and advisory teacher.


Geography Teaching Resources KS3, 4

High quality geography downloads from UK geography teacheres and Folens Ltd. You need a free account to download full files.

Geography at the Movies KS3, 4, 5

Many video clips to use in class.

Geography all the way KS4, 5

Hosted by the international school in Toulouse, France, this site is updated regularly and has particular focus on International Baccalaureate geography.

GeoResources KS3, 4, 5

Provides all the Geographical information that you ever wanted (links, case studies, outline maps, virtual fieldwork, quizzes).

Internet Geography KS3, 4

Geography resources for students and teachers of Geography. The site contains downloadable resources, revision materials, 100s of links, online activities, plus an 'ask a geographer' facility.

Pupil Vision KS3, 4, 5

This quality site for pupils and teachers of geography, provides links, virtual fieldwork, lesson plans, original GCSE/AS/A2 articles, revision guides and much more in an easy to navigate fashion.

Kay's AS and A2 Geography KS3, 4

Links for AS, A Level and Higher Geography, organised by WJEC specification headings. Exam links, text book reviews and enquiry support by Tyneside based FE Lecturer.


School History KS3, 4, 5

A site containing downloadable .pdf worksheets, online quizzes and lessons, CD-Rom activities together with categorized links to national curriculum topic areas.

History Faculty KS4, 5

The site is a joint venture of Pearson Graphics (County Durham) and the School of History, University of Leeds. The History Faculty is bringing together leading university lecturers from across the UK to build a library of accessible and authoritative study guides for GCSE and A-level teachers, examiners, students, and those who just love history. All our podcasts are completely free to download.

Spartacus Educational KS3, 4, 5

Online history lessons & a collection of encyclopaedias with 4,000+ entries including Britain 1700-1950; USA 1840-1980; First World War & Russia 1860-1945.

History Teaching KS2, 3, 4, 5

Quality history powerpoints on British and International history, contributed by UK teachers. You need a free account to download full files.

Active History KS3, 4, 5

Bring history alive through ICT with this vast range of self-marking quizzes, decision making games, interactive sourcework exercises and worksheets covering the most popular topics!

History on the Net KS1, 2, 3

Interactive online lessons, links and games. Designed for use by pupils, teachers, parents and anyone interested in furthering their historical knowledge.

Learn History KS4

A recently launched website by Dafydd Humphreys. Features include: a revision guide for the USA- A Divided Union, exercises and revision notes for Nazi Germany and Superpower Relations linked to Spartacus Educational and History Learning Site.

Greenfields History Site KS4

Includes topic mini-books: 'basics-only' texts on Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Road to WWII, Cold War, Russia 1917-41 and Britain and WWII, with links to allow research. Also contains coursework materials, revision sheets and exemplar essays.

History GCSE revision KS4

Andy Walker's website contains a large collection of revision resources for students studying GCSE History.


ICT Revision resources KS4, 5

Senol Sahin's site for teachers and students of IGCSE and A-level ICT. Includes posters and worksheets.

Modern Languages

Italian Teaching KS4, 5

High quality worksheets and activites to download for GCSE and A-level Italian.

Wildernesse School French Site KS3, 4

Online exercises that match closely to Avantage. For GCSE there are online reading papers for Edexcel and links to sites offering reading/listening papers for other boards.

French Revision KS3, 4, 5

Test your knowledge in all skills using these interactive activities with audio files. There are hundreds of exercises to help you revise and do well in your exams from Year 7 upwards.

Spanish Online KS3, 4, 5

Practice vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation online. Includes useful dictionary and Flash activites.

Zut! KS3, 4

Zut! provides interactive activities for French, German and Spanish teachers and learners, featuring more than 500 exercises, including audio samples of native French speakers. It also offers exercises for the interactive whiteboard.


Music at School KS3, 4, 5

A site containing downloadable .pdf worksheets and schemes of work together with online quizzes and lessons plus categorized links to topic areas.

Music Teacher Resources KS3, 4, 5

Photocopiable teacher resources, backing tracks, tips for teachers, e-mail helpline, reviews, links. Plus a subscription site which includes schemes of work and extra teaching resources.

Music Land KS3, 4, 5

A wide range of teaching and learning resources for students and teachers plus online tests and aural exercises. Now featuring the popular GCSE Music Net.

Music for Teachers KS1, 2, 3, 4

Designed and managed by Keith Havercroft, the Music Adviser for Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. All materials are free and designed to save music teachers time in the planning of schemes of work.


Soccer Drills KS2, 3, 4

Over 50 imaginative soccer drills to keep your classes varied

Religious Studies

Woodford County H.S. R.S. KS3, 4, 5

RS curriculum study materials & links to extend students' learning and communicate with teachers and parents.

GCSE Revision Site KS4

Site maintained by RE and ICT expert, Paul Hopkins.


Science teaching on Teachable KS2, 3, 4, 5

1000+ downloadable Powerpoints, worksheets etc submitted by over 100 different science teachers.

Education using Powerpoint KS4, 5

High quality PowerPoint slide shows for teachers (as an ICT tool) and students (for revision).

School Physics KS3, 4, 5

Physics worksheet collection maintained by Keith Gibbs, a retired physics teacher and textbook author.

Science Active KS3, 4, 5

Lesson material, downloads (word, excel, pdf, PowerPoint) on investigations, ideas & evidence, global warming, atomic structure, bonding.

Rod's Pages KS5

Mainly chemistry content covering a wide variety of material in all branches of chemistry, plus other sections. Created a Head of Science & Edexcel Chief Examiner.

Creative Chemistry KS3, 4, 5

Worksheets and practical guides for chemistry clubs, GCSE and A Level Chemistry. Interactive coursework help, molecular models and games. Created by a Head of Chemistry.

Chem Guide KS5

An online guide to help 'A'level students understand the more awkward bits of

Chemistry. Written by Jim Clark, ex-Head of Chemistry at Truro School.

A Level Biology KS5

AS and A2 level Biology (AQA B) notes and questions which can be answered and self marked on line - written by an experienced teacher and examiner.

The Solar System in action KS4, 5

Reviews of , and links to, computer software suitable for use in classroom teaching of Astronomy. For teachers, pupils, parents - anyone - who has an interest in Astronomy.

Chemistry in Perspective KS5

This Chemistry site takes sides with the student by attempting to unravel misleading theory and show students how to work things out for themselves

Sciencepages KS3, 4, 5

Science Pages is the online home of the Science Department at Nether Stowe School in Lichfield, Staffordshire. The site features key stage 3,4 and 5 revision materials and web-links, a news section (including newsfeeds from, on-line quizzes, interactive crosswords and student work.


Sociology Central KS5

An A-level web site offering free on-line and off-line resources for Sociology teachers and students.

Psychade KS5

Produced by Adrian Frost the site is developed from teaching materials used in the classroom over several years. The site offers notes, resources, links and advice for A level Psychology (AQA specification A) as well as comprehensive revision notes.