About Us

We offer a full search, order and fulfilment service to libraries  worldwide.

Our acquisition and online bibliographic service, BABEL has been specifically designed for today’s busy library and information specialist.

BABEL combines an intuitive interface for ease of use; a powerful search engine to improve query response times as well as an extensive title database to provide you with a wide range of titles and bibliographic information.

Alongside BABEL our customers and partners enjoy the benefits of dealing with a truly international organisation with a pedigree of academic book supply reaching back over 250 years. This ensures that you are not only dealing with experts in the field but also an organisation that understands the needs of today’s tertiary education professionals and that is passionate about delivering excellent service.

We routinely provide books and services to more than 50 countries which allow our partners to benefit from our considerable experience in international deliveries and reduced freight charges. We also provide local support and our regional and Country representatives are always on hand to assist.

With offices in 6 Countries and an extensive network or retail centres providing many partners with a greater range of options, John Smith International Library Services truly are the supplier of choice.

Our supply chain is well established and reliable. We work closely with publishers so that we can provide our customers with up to date and reliable information as well as the best possible prices. See our promotions pages for the latest special deals.

Whether you are looking to establish an ongoing supply contract, have a specific tender or if you just want to order a few books for your organisation we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we'll put you in contact with your local representative.