Frequently Asked Questions

Website Help FAQs

If you are puzzled about something on the John Smith International website, then perhaps the following Frequently Asked Questions will help you out. If you require further assistance, please get in touch with us via the addresses/numbers on the CONTACT US page.

These FAQs are aimed at helping you to search for and purchase books from our site.

Q. The website doesn't display correctly
A. This could be a browser issue. The website has been tested on various browsers and platforms, but older versions of Firefox in particular may cause the home page to appear incorrectly. If you are using Firefox, we recommend upgrading to the latest version from the official Firefox website (a free download).
Q. How do I use the search facilities?
A. There are two options for searching - the Quick Search on the top of each page, or the Advanced Search page, which you can get to by clicking on 'ADVANCED SEARCH' next to the Quick Search box.

The Quick Search allows you to search quickly for a title, author or international standard book number (ISBN), if you know it. You do not need to use the full title or all the author's names, but can simply enter key words, eg. 'autism' or 'kelly'. The Quick Search facility allows you to enter keywords from any of the main search fields at once, in order to narrow your search; eg. 'autism kelly' will search for those keywords across both title and author fields.

If you know the ISBN for a book (its 10 or 13 digit standard book number), this is the surest way to find a specific title. Remember, when using an ISBN you should enter all 10 or 13 digits together with no spacing.

If you want to be more specific, use the Advanced Search. This will narrow your search, returning only books which match all the details you enter.

The more information you provide, such as Author, Title, Publisher, the more accurate your search will be.

Q. I've found the book I want - what do I do now?
A. First, place the title you require into the shopping basket by clicking the 'ADD TO BASKET' button. You can then continue browsing, and place as many titles as you wish into the basket. You can remove items or change quantities at any time by following the 'SHOPPING BASKET' link on the left of the screen.

When you're ready to complete the purchase, go to the Shopping Basket screen. From here you can see your order details and how much you will pay for delivery (you must select a delivery country).

You now need to either set up an account or, if you've done this previously, sign in to your existing account.

First, click the 'CHECKOUT' button. You will be asked to sign on. Don't worry if you don't yet have an account - just follow the link for those who have not previously registered. You will then be prompted to set up an account by entering your e-mail address and choosing a password (plus a clue to remind you should you forget your password, eg. password = "jones", clue = "mother's maiden name"). Please check that you have entered the correct email address, otherwise you won't receive email confirmation for orders. Once you've done this once, you won't have to enter your address details again for future orders, although you can change your details at any time by following the 'MY DETAILS' link on the top of every page.

Once your address details are filled in, click the 'CONTINUE' button. Enter your payment card details and click the 'PURCHASE' button if paying online. You will receive a confirmation email with your order number shortly afterwards.

Q. Availability of the book is listed as Not Yet Published - can I still order?
A. Yes, place your order as usual and we'll send your order just as soon as the book is published. Please bear in mind that the publication date listed on our site is the latest information we have from the publisher, and that this date may change.

Where orders are placed for more than one item including some which are currently “In Print” and some which are “Not Yet Published”, we usually send the available books immediately. You will not be charged any additional postage for this service. In some circumstances we may feel it is better to wait until all items are ready for despatch, and in this case we will contact you for instructions.

Q. Are all books listed on your website held in stock ready for despatch?
A. We carry a wide range of titles and the majority of books listed are held in stock ready for despatch the next working day after you place your order. However, inclusion of a title on this website does not guarantee that we have a copy on the shelf - some titles have to be ordered in from the publisher before despatch. The 'availability' status on the website is the latest information we have from the publisher regarding their stock (eg. “In Print”, “Not Yet Published”, “Reprinting”). Please note that we also indicate current stock levels against each title - from "In Stock" down to "Low Stock" and sometimes "On Order".Items not in stock will be ordered from the publisher or distributor. UK publishers typically take around 3 weeks to deliver (although this can vary considerably for smaller publishers). If the book is unavailable for any reason we will tell you once we have the information from the publisher. 
Q. I have a John Smith's website account but have forgotten my password - what do I do?
A. If you have previously set up an account but are unsure of your password, when logging in enter your e-mail address but leave the password field blank. When you click the submit button you will be prompted to enter a password, click then on the “Forgotten Password” link and we will email you a "new" temporary password to the address you supplied on registering. Once you have logged in, please update the supplied temporary password to something more meaningful.

Q. I can't find the book I want - what do I do now?
A. Try a keyword search using the Quick Search box or the Advanced Search link on the left. If all that fails then contact us and we'll do our best to find it for you.